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Police Make Breakthrough In Motorbike Theft

Source: Vientiane Times

Vientiane police last Friday arrested a group of young men after they allegedly stole numerous motorbikes, tracking them down to a guesthouse in Xaymoungkhoun village, Naxaithong district, and confiscated nine bikes found in their possession.

Deputy Head of the Public Security Office in Sikhottabong district, Lieutenant Colonel Sonephet Phichit, said the group was arrested after police detained a man named Mr Ouysiewpor at the beginning of June and he provided information about the gang’s activities.

On June 11, police raided the guesthouse in Xaymoungkhoun village where they found 13 people and 50 amphetamine tablets.

During their investigations, police determined that six women were using drugs and seven young men were serial motorbike thieves.

The men confessed that they had been stealing motorbikes in Vientiane over a long period of time. The thefts were carefully planned and on each occasion they rented five rooms at a guesthouse where they stayed while they hid the bikes and prepared them for sale.

The group also took drugs which they bought from the proceeds of bike sales.

Police are continuing their enquiries in the hope of tracking down other individuals involved in the thefts.

The case represents a breakthrough for police as motorbike thefts continue to increase. Many of the thefts are associated with drug use and most are carried out by young people.

The drug problem is growing in both towns and rural areas. When young people become addicted, this leads to numerous problems, including robbery, murder and other related issues, police say.

Most robberies and thefts occur at night and during special events and festivals, when people are likely to be away from their homes. Police warn members of the public to be vigilant as theft is on the increase.