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President Demands Harsh Penalties For Lack Of Discipline

Source: Vientiane Times

Party Chief and President Bounnhang Vorachit has instructed the top anti-corruption body to appropriately punish those officials found violating the regulations in a bid to stamp out malpractice and lax discipline.

The president also endorsed the creation of measures that would enable members of the public to participate in inspection work.

Mr Bounnhang, Secretary General of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and state President, gave the instructions at the three-day third nationwide inspection meeting that ended on Wednesday.

The findings or results of the inspection must be strictly resolved in a correct, transparent and just manner, Mr Bounnhang stressed to anti-corruption authorities.

“If left without action to resolve the issues uncovered, the findings of the inspections are meaningless,” he said.

He told the authorities to be decisive and determined in taking appropriate measures to penalise those found guilty of misconduct or poor discipline.

“Inspections must be carried out systematically within the Party’s organisational structure and state organisations,” he told the meeting.

Politburo member and Chairman of the Inspection Committee under the Party Central Committee, Dr Bounthong Chitmany, was among 300 officials attending the meeting held at the Party Central Committee Office.

Mr Bounnhang stressed the need for inspection authorities to improve their organisational structures, upgrade their inspectors’ knowledge and skills, and improve working methods to ensure better professional performance.

“These factors will directly determine the effectiveness of inspections,” he told the meeting.

The president also instructed Party committees at all levels to work with and uphold the role of the Lao Front for National Construction and mass organisations to enable them to participate more in inspection work.

“This must be considered an important mechanism to enable the public to participate in inspections,” the president said.

State organisations were asked to carry out regular inspections of their staff’s work, while the inspection authorities were recommended to carry out inspections into all targets.

President Bounnhang told leading officials of all organisations at all levels to act as role models in implementing the Party’s inspection principles.

Leading officials were advised to properly follow up their subordinates’ performance and guide their work in order to train them and ensure that they do not violate expected rules of discipline.

President Bounnhang also praised the inspection authorities for their achievements and the progress they have made over the past five years.

However, there is a growing need for the inspection authorities to work harder after the new Party and state leadership, which took office in April, announced a crackdown on corruption.

In his first talks to give guidance to the new government in April, President Bounnhang told the new cabinet to take action to address corruption among other major issues as a priority.