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Proceeds From Our “Save Lives, Save Laos” Project Being Distributed To The Local Community

We are proud to announce that today we made another contribution to the Solidarity Canteen in Luang Prabang to the value of 4,000,000 kip.  We carefully selected from the various options, and we love the “grassroot” approach of the Solidarity Canteen.

All proceeds from our “Save Lives, Save Laos” project are being donated, and up to today we have donated: 2,500,000 kip to Solidarity Canteen 14th June, 2,500,000 kip to Solidarity Canteen 16th June, 2,500,000 kip to Vientiane Rescue 1st July and most recently, on 9th July 4,000,000 kip to Solidarity Canteen. 

Please continue to support us by buying the beautiful masks, all produced in Laos, you can find all details here:

Since opening in July 2020, the Solidarity Canteen has served over 25,000 free lunches to people in need in Luang Prabang. Four clusters (North, East, South, West) are being ramped up and will be fully operational by mid-July. Formal permission from the provincial government for this distributed effort was granted in May 2021.

Currently the two canteens (southern in Phoumock and eastern in Naxangveoi) are serving up to 150 hungry people a day.

The southern cluster, located at the Deaf-Mute Center in Phoumock, is run by the Catholic Sisters of Charity. It currently serves 150 meals a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The sisters are ideal partners – they have farms with vegetables, pigs, poultry, ducks and a pond with fish and frogs. They are fun and cook amazing farm-fresh food.

The population is mostly women, Khmu and Lao Loum and ages range from 2 to 93. The canteen also accepts needy families referred by the Lao Children’s Hospital. In early June, the eastern cluster in Naxangveoi opened at Karphai Restaurant on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Only needy people are accepted. Beneficiaries are now being interviewed and scored using a means testing questionnaire inspired by the one used by the Lao Children’s Hospital.

All staff/volunteers are Lao (except for Bob) and Hmong and Khmu speakers are on hand for some of the older beneficiaries who don’t speak Lao.

Please support the Solidarity Canteen – they really need help. Luang Prabang is heavily dependent on tourism revenues, so the impact of Covid-19 has been particularly harsh.

Link for online credit card donations (USD):

Facebook page (pm for wire details in LAK or USD): Solidarity Canteen Luang Prabang