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Producers Of Fake Drinking Water Caught

Police officers are now expanding their investigations into four Vietnamese who were caught in the last few days at a house in Nonvai village of Xaysettha district, Vientiane where they were illegally producing fake bottles of Tigerhead drinking water.

Vientiane police officers, who asked not to be named, told Vientiane Times on Monday that these fake products were in a house in Nonvai village, but they could not say any more as their investigations were ongoing.

According to the police, four Vietnamese were making a fake version of Tigerhead drinking water which comes from the Lao Brewery Company. Two of the four Vietnamese are a couple and the other two are employees.

Police officials were checking the house where they produced the fake drinking water on Monday in order to find more evidence.

Producers Of Fake Drinking Water Caught

An official of the Lao Brewery Company revealed that this is the first time that the Tigerhead drinking water product has been copied.

The false product from Nonvai village had been sold into a few shops but the amount was not too much.

“We’ve now collected all the false plastic bottles of Tigerhead drinking water from the stops in Vientiane,” he said.

The four Vietnamese producing the fake drinking water used empty old plastic bottles that people had thrown into bins and simply added other water to sell to the shops as the real thing.

The fake bottle we saw was not very clean and did not look like the original Tigerhead of the Lao Brewery Company.

We are left to wonder what type of water were the Vietnamese using for their fake drinking water bottle? The police are investigating this.Source:

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