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Rail Operator To Provide Overnight Parking At Vientiane Station

Source: Vientiane Times

The Laos-China Railway Company Limited has announced that it will provide overnight parking and toilet facilities at the station in Vientiane.

A post on the company’s Facebook page stated that Boten Frontier Services Limited will be responsible for maintaining the safety of vehicles parked outside the station. Passengers and their relatives who come to pick up and drop off will be able to park their cars during the day or night without any safety concerns.

Starting from September 12, a trial of vehicle parking fees will be introduced. The fee for motorcycles will be 5,000 kip, vehicles with less than seven seats will be charged 10,000 kip, and the fee for medium and large buses will be 30,000 kip.

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The overnight fee for all vehicles will be 80,000 kip.

These prices are in line with those approved by the relevant department of Vientiane at a meeting held on August 30. Toilets will be available soon and will be serviced by Boten Frontier Services Limited, with a charge of 3,000 kip per person. The station also has a room in the shopping area that people buying tickets or waiting for a train can use free of charge, which will make use of the station more comfortable.

The rail operator had received negative feedback from the public for failing to provide toilets and seating for people waiting in long queues to buy tickets, especially in wet weather.

The company is planning to start online ticket sales by the end of this year.