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Road Rage Incident Involving Foreigner Triggers Public Outrage in Laos

Source: The Star

Social media users in Laos have criticized a Chinese truck driver who blocked the road during rush hours on Thursday after traffic police pulled him over for driving without documents.

According to the viral video from a motorist in Vientiane, a Chinese truck driver blocked the movement of vehicles at a traffic stop on a major road near the National University of Laos in Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital at around 9 am.

The incident caused hours of delay for motorists after traffic police stopped a Chinese national driving a truck without proper documentation and confronted the passengers in the vehicle.

“Handcuff them, please! They disobey Laos’ traffic laws and violate the rights of other motorists on the same road,” a person who witnessed the incident says in the video.

Netizens in Laos have voiced their opinions regarding the conduct of the foreign driver and passengers.

“They do not respect the traffic regulations or rules in this country. Authorities must take action and prohibit them from driving in Laos,” said a social media user.

“Handle it legally. Bring them before the court in Laos and let them know how powerful the law is. Do not allow them to escape so easily,” another social media chimed in.

The traffic police in Vientiane Capital have yet to announce further information about the incident and the charges being brought against the driver and passengers.