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Road Tax 2016: Same Procedures As Previous Year

The Ministry of Finance is informing all vehicle owners that the Road Tax Sticker for 2016 is now available and that it needs to be purchased for all vehicles. The sticker is valid for the calendar year 2016. Further a penalty of 10% per month for purchasing the sticker after 31st May is imposed.

In general, the sticker costs Kip 8’000 for motorbikes and Kip 52’000 for cars (Kip 20’00 for cars with cc lower than 1200), bicycles are free.

In addition J&C Services has been informed that the procedures to purchase the Road Tax Sticker 2016 remains same as for the previous year (Vientiane Province only):

All vehicles will be registered in a new central database

– The stickers are only available at the District Admin offices (until 2014 the stickers could be purchased at the chief of village, Ministry of Transportation as well as the technical inspection office, among others).

– In order to purchase the sticker, for cars who have already registered for Road Tax in 2015, only a copy of the yellow technical book is needed.

– For cars who haven’t yet registered for Road Tax, the following documents are needed:
– copy yellow technical book
– copy passport or ID card of the owner of the car
– original road tax sticker 2015

– If the road tax sticker 2015 isn’t available, the tax needs to be paid again, plus a 10% late payment fee applies

– Owners of tax-non paid cars apparently are not required to pay the tax.

You may want to take a Lao person with you as many of the tax officials do not speak English; also be prepared to wait, depending on the number of other vehicles owners waiting to be served.

Alternatively contact us at info@jclao.com if you wish us to get the road tax sticker for you (service fee Kip 120’000, not including the road tax fee)

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