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Road Tax Is Back Again !

Despite previous announcements by the Ministry of Finance that the collection of the road tax has been abolished, J&C Services has just been informed by the authorities that the road tax is back in force again. The following letter was handed to us:

Lao Road Tax Is Back Again
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With this letter the Ministry of Finance informs all vehicle owners that the Road Tax Sticker for 2014 is now available as from 1st May 2014 and that it needs to be purchased for all vehicles. The sticker is valid for the calendar year 2014. Further a penalty of 5% per month for purchasing the sticker after 31st July 2014 is imposed.

According the letter the road tax sticker can be purchased at the chief of village and district offices, however usually they are also available at the Ministry of Transportation as well as the technical inspection office, among others.

In general, the sticker costs Kip 8’000 for motorbikes and Kip 52’000 for cars (Kip 20’00 for cars with cc lower than 1200), bicycles are free.

The letter of the Ministry of Finance does not provide any explanations to why the collection of road tax has been reestablished.