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Road Tax Sticker No Longer Required

9th May 2014: This article is not valid anymore, please read latest update here:

Car and motorbike owners are no longer required to purchase the annual road tax sticker.  J&C Services received this information today from the authorities at the technical inspection outlet. In addition the following letter was handed to us:

Road Tax Sticker No Longer Required
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In this letter the Ministry of Finance informs that the collection of the road tax has been abolished and will be replaced by the new GEN Tax collection. It’s our understanding that the new GEN tax is calculated at the importation of the vehicle, we shall try to get this confirmed.

As it’s only a few days this new rule has been introduced, it’s likely that not all police officials are aware of this. J&C Services therefore recommends that you copy the above letter and keep it in your car or motorbike, just in case you need to justify why you don’t have the latest road sticker 🙂

Last but not least, keep in mind that you still have to get the annual technical inspection for your car or motorbike done !