Robbery Warning: Vientiane Police

The Vientiane Police Office has warned that robbery is becoming a more frequent occurrence in Vientiane and there have been several incidences this month.

Deputy Chief of the Investigative and Interrogative Section, Major Amay Luangpakdy, said some ill-intentioned persons would be prowling the streets looking for easy targets, especially at night, and warned that they could be armed.

“This month we heard of cases where robbers pulled a gun or other weapon on their victims to intimidate them into handing over their valuables. One person resisted the threat and tried to defend himself when a gun was produced and unfortunately he was shot,” Major Amay said.

This particular incident occurred in Phonpapao village, Sisattanak district, on December 20. A couple were driving home at night when a man suddenly approached them and tried to snatch a bag from the woman. Her husband tried to intervene but he was shot. He was then shot a second time when he tried to seize hold of the gun.

“He is lucky to be alive. People should bear in mind that it’s dangerous and very risky to fight back when threatened with a weapon. We advise people to be aware of their surroundings when driving. If they notice anything suspicious, they sho uld seek help or go to a crowded area,” Major Amay said.

It was advisable to be alert to this problem, especially at night, because would-be robbers are desperate for money, he cautioned.

Offenders who have been arrested in connection with such crimes have said they did it because they wanted money for drink and food and to spend on New Year festivities.

“We know there are others out there doing the same thing. Our staff are trying to track them down and bring them to justice for the sake of peace and order in Vientiane,” Major Amay added.

Vientiane Police Office personnel will be extra vigilant over the New Year to maintain order in the city and prevent road accidents.

They advised the public to stay out of trouble and to avoid potentially risky situations.

Source: Vientiane Times