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Sangthong District, Villages in Vangvieng Locked Down As Locally Transmitted Cases Reported

Source: Vientiane Times

Authorities have ordered a lockdown in Sangthong district of Vientiane and villages in Vangvieng district of Vientiane province after locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 were reported.

The lockdown in Sangthong began from July 30 until further notice, with the area classified as a high-risk zone after locally- transmitted Covid infections were reported.

District authorities also classified Samphanna and Kaengmor villages as red zones, where travel restrictions have been imposed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Entry and exit to and from the district has been temporarily suspended, except for people who have had two Covid vaccinations and the drivers of vehicles carrying goods.

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They must also obtain permission to travel from the district Covid-19 taskforce, according to a district official.

The use of boats in Samphanna and Kaengmor villages has also been banned until further notice, while local residents have been asked to self-isolate. Anyone needing to go out to buy medicine or food must get permission from the district Covid-19 taskforce, and only one member of a household can do so at one time.

Barber shops, beauty salons, snooker clubs, sports clubs, tourist attractions and restaurants in the district have been closed. Restaurants and shops that are not located in red zones can remain open but must comply with virus prevention rules.

Gatherings of any kind are banned, while all schools in Sangthong district have been closed and Grade 5 primary school exams have been postponed. Funerals may take place as long as all virus prevention rules are followed.

Villages classified as being high-risk virus areas must arrange for checkpoints to be set up on roads to prevent people leaving and entering.

In Vanvieng a tourist hotspot district, authorities have imposed lockdowns in Namontai and Phonsavang after a locally transmitted case was found in Namontai.

All risky activities and businesses in the tourism district are suspended from operation. These include entertainment venues, karaoke, internet café, game and massage shops, soccer and indoor sporting activities.

Districts in other provinces where locally-transmitted Covid infections have been reported have also ordered lockdowns, including Xayaboury district. 

Entry and exit from Xayaboury district is banned except for people who have had two vaccinations at least one month ago, but permission must be obtained from the district Covid-19 taskforce, according to the Xayaboury district Information, Culture and Tourism Office.

Barber shops, beauty salons, snooker clubs and tourist attractions in the district have been closed. Restaurants and shops can remain open but must comply with virus prevention rules.

The transport of goods from Xayaboury district to any destination is also forbidden.

On Saturday, 380 new infections were reported across the country, raising the total to date to 6,299, with most occurring in Saravan province.

Vientiane recorded nine imported new cases and one locally-transmitted case. Vientiane and Xayaboury provinces also each recorded one locally-transmitted case, while Luang Namtha recorded three locally-acquired infections. Borikhamxay recorded three imported cases, Khammuan recorded eight imported cases and one locally-transmitted infection, Savannakhet recorded 116 imported cases, Saravan recorded 154 imported cases, and Champassak recorded 83 imported cases, the National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control announced on July 31.