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Savannakhet Gets Tough On Covid Rule Breakers

Source: Vientiane Times

Savannakhet provincial authorities will hand out fines ranging from 10-30 million kip to individuals or businesses found to be breaking the rules on Covid-19 prevention.

In particular, authorities will target entertainment venues such as karaoke clubs and bars, as well as massages parlours, snooker clubs, gaming shops, and internet cafés.

Savannakhet Administration Office on July 12 ordered strict enforcement of the virus prevention measures and will take legal action against and fine those who flout the restrictions imposed.

For a first offence, business owners will be fined 10 million kip, have their business licence temporarily revoked, and spend 48 hours being educated about the error of their ways.

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If they break the rules a second time, their business licence will be permanently revoked, they will be fined 30 million kip, and may face other legal action.

The Administration Office assigned the Department of Information, Culture and Tourism in cooperation with security teams and taskforces for Covid-19 prevention and control at the province and district level to monitor the activities of individuals and businesses.

They will also patrol areas at risk for the spread of the virus, especially border areas, to prevent people entering province illegally.

The Administration Office also instructed Public Security Offices to station staff at four locations in Savannakhet to screen people entering and leaving the province.

The first monitoring point is at Xenuan in Songkhon district, the second is at the border between Thapangthong district in Savannakhet province and Toumlan district in Saravan province, the third is at the Xebangfay bridge on Road No. 13 South, and the fourth is at the Xebangfay bridge in Xaybouly district, Savannakhet province, bordering Nongbok district in Khammuan province.

Many provinces across the country are strictly enforcing virus prevention measures as more people test positive for Covid-19.

In Vientiane, police handed out fines to restaurants that were found to be serving customers after the set closing time of 10pm, allowed customers to sit inside, or sold alcoholic drinks.

People were also gathering in numbers exceeding the amount allowed during lockdown.

Police are carrying out inspections at entertainment venues, massage parlours, internet cafés, and bars to ensure the rules are being complied with.

On July 13, 75 new infections (imported cases) were confirmed out of 1,888 people who were tested for the virus. Six cases were reported in Vientiane, one in Khammuan, seven in Savannakhet, and 61 in Champassak.

The new infections bring the total to 2,976. Three people have died and 726 people are currently under observation or receiving treatment in hospitals.