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Serving Up Street Food

Looking to try some real authentic Lao street food? There’s no better way to find it than to wander up and down the night market at Dalat 450 Pi (four hundred and fifty years market).

This market features endless stalls selling all kinds of delicious and very fresh street food. As soon as you arrive you’ll be hit with a barrage of spicy scents and can literally follow your nose to the usual Lao fare such as laab, bamboo soup, sticky rice and papaya salad. There’s also other favourites like luang prabang sausage, Lao ragout, baked fish, whole roast chicken and various barbecued meats.  If you are feeling really game, you could even try boiled fertilised eggs, pig’s ear or chicken’s feet.

Prices start as low as 1000 kip per item, so you certainly won’t break the bank! The market is on Khun Bu Lom Rd just opposite the National Stadium.  Find it on Google Maps here.

450 Years Market