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Seven Days For Census Survey

Laos Statistics Bureau has confirmed it shall survey of the population via a census to be conducted across the country over seven days at a projected cost of US$7.2million.

Census surveyors will proceed to count the population as at March 1, 2015.
Deputy Director General of the Department of Social Statistics, Ms Thirakha Chanthalanouvong spoke to the Vientiane Times on Monday at media briefing in Vientiane.

“The government has approved funding of about 50 percent for conducting the population survey and we think that we will receive about 27 or 28 billion kip,” she said.
The remaining 50 percent will come via support by Swiss government, United Nations Population Fund, World Bank, Chinese government and UNICEF.

Public awareness campaigns are getting underway. A poster from the Department of Social Statistics implores people not to run from the census surveyors as they don’t go to catch to people, but to count them in every corner of the country.
The survey must collect information from civilians, military, police, foreigners, itinerant labourers, high-ranking officials and even people who are facing criminal charges or convicted prisoners.

About 22,000 people have been training for census survey implementation. One person will be assigned to interview around 70 households.
In addition, officials from the Department of Social Statistics have made visits to Vietnam to share experiences in population surveying.
The census is the biggest and most important survey operation in Laos in a decade and will provide valuable information and insights into the current situation in the country.

It is the most significant source of national data for planning and monitoring, decision making, population policy, demographic research, business, marketing, industry and labour.

Officially, the Lao population is currently estimated at 6.4 million people but given that the last census was undertaken back in 2005 accurate figures will only be known after the results of the new census are made public.
The population and housing census is meant to be conducted every ten years by the Lao Statistics Bureau, under the Laos Statistics Law.

In the past, the collection of census data relied largely on foreign supporters but this time the majority of the money will come from the government budget.
The new survey will be crucial to assess progress towards development goals for Laos and to prepare for integration with the Asean Economic Community.

During the census, people will be interviewed in regards to their profession, marital status, income, housing conditions, access to electricity or whether or not they receive media broadcasts, along with other circumstances.

Source: Vientiane Times