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Shopping-D – Your Personal Concierge For Groceries

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your personal concierge for groceries here in Laos!

Introducing Shopping-D, the first Lao online supermarket where one can either place the order on the website or through the app. It’s very easy to use and intuitive. Customers can schedule delivery date and time and there are also payment features to cater customers’ need.

Shopping-D online grocery has over 6.000 items starting from fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, cleaning products and other items for your daily needs. Try – you will love it.


Adapting to the “New Normal” is a great challenge especially for the people under self-quarantine. Ever since the novel coronavirus outbreak, Shopping-D has served thousands of people including those in confinement.

Shopping-D really cares for their customers as well as the environment by using rattan baskets to carry the groceries and deliver by the electric vehicles.


Imagine you were looking for an ingredient at your favorite grocery store, but it was out of stock; you probably gave up on the menu. But Shopping-D Dispatching Team always tries their best to fulfill the orders while the Customer Relations fulfills the requirements.

There’s a Lao saying: “Ten mouths that are not as much as the eye can see”, so don’t believe me until you experience it yourself: