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Sihom’s Walking Street Attracts Local and Foreign Tourists

Source: Vientiane Times

A new addition to the list of popular tourist attractions in Vientiane is a walking street in the Chanthabouly district that is emerging as a destination for shopping and eating.

Ideally located amid the residential areas of Sihom village in the downtown district, the walking street now attracts numerous local and foreign tourists.
The street has been gradually recognized by the residents of Vientiane and foreign travelers since the country eased Covid-19-related restrictions and opened its borders to tourists in mid-2022.

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The street is also known for its numerous eateries that offer a wide variety of dishes. Shoppers and travelers from all over, especially teenagers, come to the area to buy food and beverages at food stalls. Some foreign tourists head for the restaurants to sample the local cuisine.

The combination of food stalls and shops selling clothes attracts a lot of people, who come to the area to relax, enjoy musical performances by local bands, and eat their favorite food.

The range of goods sold on the walking street and their prices are similar to those at other places in Vientiane, especially the Night Market alongside the Mekong river. However, some areas offer more choices in food items, such as seafood, fresh fruits, and authentic local dishes.

Several food items and other products on the walking street are not cheaper than similar goods sold at other places in the city, but the good thing is that foreign guests staying at various hotels in the area can easily find places to buy souvenirs and eat some food.

“I prefer to come here rather than other places because there are lots of delicacies around and I’m not worried about the prices, which are understandable when one compares the value of the weakening kip against the US dollar or Thai baht,” said Ms. Sounisa Chankham, a local shopper. She added, “Everyone has been affected by the economic slowdown but we should continue to support local businesses as much as we can to create a dynamic environment for economic recovery.”

The Lao tourism industry is gradually recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic with the return of visitors from Thailand, China, the Republic of Korea, and other countries around the world.