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Small Earthquake Shakes Laos’ Central Region

Source: Vientiane Times

A small earthquake registering 2.6 on the Richter scale struck central Vientiane province at a depth of 1 km below the earth’s surface recently with no damage to property reported.

According to the Meteorology and Hydrology Department, the tremor occurred at 10:19pm on May 14 centred on Namphou village, Med district, Vientiane province about 1,000 metres below ground with no injuries recorded.

On April 18, the country also recorded a seismic event measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale in Xaysathan district, Xayaboury province, following a more significant quake in the area late last year.

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On November 21, 2019, the largest earthquake ever recorded in Laos measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale hit Hongsa and Xaysathan districts in Xayaboury province.

That earthquake and its aftershocks caused property damage in the two districts worth more than 2 billion kip and affected at least 300 families. Eight people were injured in the earthquakes.

In 2015, the nation experienced a 5.0 magnitude quake that shook an area covering parts of Borikhamxay and Xieng Khuang provinces, but no damage was reported.

Seismologists have noted that the recent increase in the number of tremors could be an indication of further and more significant quakes to come. They urged relevant sectors to make preparations for the eventuality and potential impacts.