Spice Up Your Life

Do you love South Asian food? If so, you can always indulge yourself at one of the many Indian restaurants dotted around Laos, but if you ever thought of actually cooking Butter Chicken or Tikka Massala at home, you may be hard pressed to find ingredients such as cardamom pods, ghee or tomato passata at ordinary minimarts in Vientiane. So, where to find specialised South Asian spices and ingredients?

Look no further than Mumbai Masala Minimart! This neat little minimart on Samsenthai Rd specialises in spices and other ingredients from Southern Asia.  If you’re unsure of an ingredient in a recipe, simply give them a call or pop in to the shop and show them the recipe and they’ll happily explain anything to you.  Many items are imported, so prices are steep, however nothing can compare to the flavour of a dish cooked with authentic spices.

Mumbai Masala is located at 36 09 Samsenthai Rd, Sihom Village, Vientiane Cap.

Phone: 021 2224 63, 020 7714 281
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  • Good source for flour too. A 5 kg bag of Indian wheat flour costs around 55 000 LAK.

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