Spike In Break-Ins: Homes and Business Being Targeted

The number of thieves breaking and entering into houses and local businesses spiked during the month of April when many people were away for New Year holidays, according to a Vientiane Police Office report.

Deputy Chief of the Interrogative and Investigative Section of the office, Major Am-ay Luangpakdy said there were around 10 cases of breaking and entering reported, with thieves especially targeting houses and businesses with safes stored inside.

“They work in groups and usually have a well-thought out plan before they steal the safe,” Major Am-ay said.

“People need to be aware of this issue, particularly businesspeople; they should increase security in order to minimise the chance of these types of problems occurring.”

He said crime had decreased in Vientiane after officials arrested several criminals at the end of last year, however since last month the problem has arisen again.

“Several currencies were stolen, including 248 million kip, US$27,300, 64,000 baht, 4,000 yuan and 5,000 Brunei dollars among others,” Major Am-ay said.

The Vientiane Police Office also reported a rise in the number of murders and suicides but this figure was not as high.

Police officials said they were investigating several suspects and would put an end to these crimes in order to maintain law and order and ensure peace in the capital.

Residents should stay aware of the rise in breaking and entering and increase security on their properties.

“Lock all doors and windows before leaving the house,” Major Am-ay said. “It is also recommended to ask your neighbour to look after your house when you are away or invite someone to house-sit if you are travelling.”

People are advised to install CCTV cameras to record any incidents as it would help officers in identifying those responsible for crimes.

“It is very helpful for police if CCTV cameras are installed when an incident occurs as we can easily identify the thief or thieves and are able to investigate effectively,” Major Am-ay said.

He advised that if anyone encounters a potentially dangerous situation or sees something strange through their CCTV cameras, they should not hesitate to call village security or the police.

Source: Vientiane Times