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Sports Stadium To Become Makeshift Hospital As Virus Cases Surge

Source: Vientiane Times

Temporary hospitals opened in Vientiane on Monday to accommodate Covid-19 patients amid a surge in new cases, while authorities insist that there are sufficient hospital beds.

The National Taskforce Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control informed the media about the latest developments on Monday.

The Ministry of Health and other government bodies are setting up makeshift hospitals in various parts of Vientiane to ensure that everyone infected with Covid-19 has access to healthcare, authorities said an additional 113 cases had been reported, bringing the total number of known cases to 436 as of April 26. This is the largest number of new cases to be reported in a single day so far.

Mittaphab, Mahosot and 103 hospitals will be used to treat those who need specialised care in Intensive Care Units because they have the necessary equipment.

The government will begin using temporary facilities to accommodate patients when hospitals become full. Health authorities on Friday sought to assure the public that there are sufficient beds to cope with the growing number of people who need treatment.

The number of cases recorded in Vientiane is high in part because authorities have carried out rapid testing in a bid to trace infected people and slow the spread of the virus.

The government has arranged for temporary health facilities to be set up as it anticipates that case numbers will increase daily.
The goal is to provide an extra 500 beds.

The health ministry has asked all hospitals to increase their intensive care capacity to prepare for a possible rise in more severe cases.

Two temporary hospitals are planned at the Lane Xang indoor stadium in Don Koy village and at the Lao National Football Federation in Huayhong village.

Authorities are also considering a plan for patients with mild or no symptoms to be accommodated in quarantine centres.
Taskforce members had observed that there were still a number of people driving around Vientiane, adding that this would make it difficult for authorities to control the spread of the virus.

In response to questions about the timeline of new cases, Authorities said it was not important to know this because all locations in Vientiane are now considered to be at risk.

Health officials urge anyone who thinks they have come into contact with an infected person to self-isolate for 14 days. People who need to leave their homes must wear a face mask, regularly wash their hands with soap, and avoid touching their mouth and eyes.