Stern Punishments For Visa Violators Announced: Thailand

Forceful punishment for foreigners who overstay their visas including multi-year entry bans were officially announced yesterday.

Under the new rules which had been rumored earlier this month and posted online Tuesday by the Immigration Bureau, foreign nationals who overstay their visas will be expelled from the kingdom and blacklisted for at least one year.

Those remaining in Thailand more than 90 days after a visa has expired will be punished by expulsion and a one-year re-entry ban. Aliens with more than one, three or five years on their expired visas will be blacklisted for three, five and 10 years, respectively.

Those caught by authorities will receive a five-year ban for overstays less than one year, while anything greater than a year will receive a 10-year ban.

Screen capture of new rules posted on the website of the Immigration Bureau. Source: Immigration Bureau

Source: Coconuts Bangkok