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Storms Batter All Parts Of Laos

Localised storms will continue to lash many parts of Laos from now until the middle of May and the public should be on the alert at all times.

Head of the Weather Forecast and Aeronautical Meteorology Division of the Meteorology and Hydrology Department in Vientiane, Mr Bounterm Sisouphanthavong, issued the warning yesterday.

He said households around the country have lost roofs, while some billboards blew down during storms and squalls that whipped through parts of Laos on Thursday.

Electricity poles were also brought down in the strong winds, according to the department.

Mr Bounterm said storms have battered several provinces in Laos since mid-April. Several houses have been left without roofs and some trees have been toppled by heavy winds, and there may be more unreported damage in remote areas.

Billboards and electricity poles collapsed after a storm passed throung Vientiane on Thursday.

The worst incident occurred in Luang Prabang, where three people were killed when storms hit several parts of the province last weekend.

Thailand’s Thairath daily newspaper also reported that many provinces were hit by storms and hail, damaging over 200 houses in the north of Thailand.

The aftermath was particularly severe in Udon Thani province, where hailstones damaged over 20 houses on Thursday.

Minimum temperatures are forecast at 25-28C with maximums ranging from 37-40C. Southeasterly winds will have speeds of 10-30 km/hr.

From April 29-30, a high pressure system over China will dominate northeastern, eastern and central areas of Thailand, where hot spells will prevail, according to the Thai Meteorological Department.

Summer thunderstorms can be expected in these areas during this period, with rain, gusting winds and hail. People should be aware of the severe weather conditions and keep away from insecure buildings.