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Surge In Newly Registered Vehicles In 2017

Source: KPL

In the first five months of 2017, the number of newly registered vehicles in Vientiane Capital increased by 23,800 units.

According to statistics from the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, there were 23,861newly registered vehicles, of which 14,783 are motorcycles, 2,110 are sedans, 4,299 are pick-up trucks, 1,310 are jeeps, 283 are vans, 1,024 are heavy trucks and 51 are buses.

In January 2017, the number of vehicles registered in Vientiane was recorded at 4,907 units, of which motorcycles amounted to3,141 units, followed by 477 sedans, 764 pick-up trucks, 263 jeeps, 65 vans, 213 trucks and 11 buses.

From 2000 until today, the number of registered vehicles has totaled 813,880 units, of which 563,696 are motorcycles, 55,714 sedans, 112,471 pick-up trucks, 23,559 jeeps, 29,722 vans, 30,268 trucks and 1,928 buses.