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Suspect Confesses To Breaking Anti-Lao PDR Propaganda Law

Source: Vientiane Times

Champassak police reported on Tuesday that a suspect accused of spreading misinformation on Facebook Live about the government’s recent flood relief efforts in southern provinces has confessed to her crime.

Deputy Chief of Champassak Police Office Lieutenant Colonel Phaychit Xayadeth told Vientiane Times  yesterday that following their investigation, Ms Houayheuang Xayaboury, known as Ms Mouay, 30, from Salao village, Phonthong district in Champassak province was arrested on September 12 for breaking the law on promoting anti-Lao PDR propaganda.

She was arrested last week and confessed during the investigation that her misinformation was based on disruptive domestic and foreign sources.

Lieutenant Colonel Phaychit explained that Ms Mouay had previously made similar comments against the government on social media and provincial police invited her to explain her actions. She was also warned about breaking the law at the time.

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Ms Mouay is currently being detained at the provincial prison and officers are continued to investigate the case. The official confirmed that she had been there since her arrest last week contrary to unofficial social media reports that she had been moved to another province.

Lieutenant Colonel Phaychit also explained that the case would be processed step by step under the law of the Lao PDR.

He also reminded social media users to follow the law and regulations of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism and other related ministries.

According to article 117 of the law on the advertisement of anti Lao PDR propaganda, anyone promoting information to slander the Lao PDR, distorting the guidelines of the Party and policy of the government, or creating rumours or a bad image of the Lao PDR through speaking, writing, printing, newspapers, film, video, photos, documents, electronic media and others content against the Lao PDR, aiming to make other people believe that the governance of the government is weak, is liable to prosecution. 

Those found guilty will be sentenced to jail for one to five years and fined from 5 million to 20 million kip.

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