Recommended Immunizations For Laos

Before I left for my first trip to Laos, I was advised by my doctor that I needed a myriad of different vaccinations. My arm was certainly sore after I left the clinic that day! I wondered, of course, were these shots really necessary? Would Laos be a dangerous place teeming with bacteria, viruses and rabid wildlife?
Now that I have the medicine in my veins, it’s too late for me to worry about it, but I wanted to provide newcomers with this information so that they can choose for themselves which vaccinations they really need, and which they don’t.

The following are the recommended vaccinations for a visit to Laos:

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Medical Situation in Vientiane

Unfortunately, the local hospitals are still a “no-go” for foreigners due their lack of the most basic equipment. Most expats in Vientiane visit either the Alliance International Medical Centre (“Thai Clinic”), the French Embassy Medical Centre (“French Clinic”) or the Medical Clinic at the Australian Embassy (“Australian Clinic”).
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Alliance International Medical Centre

The Alliance International Medical Centre is the newest medical centre in Vientiane. The clinic, located at the brand new Honda Centre on Luang Prabang Rd just before the airport, is part of a venture coordinated between the New Chip Xeng company of Laos and Wattana Hospital Group of Thailand. This alliance has worked out well and the facility, aesthetically speaking, is the height of modernity. Its sleekly designed floors and sparkling clean waiting rooms give a great first impression, as do the well trained staff.

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