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Bangkok To Be Partly Submerged In The Next 30 Years

Parts of Bangkok are at risk of getting submerged permanent in the next 30 years because due to land subsidence coupled with rising sea level, said Associate Professor Vichitbusaba Marom, a town planning expert at Thammasat University, on Friday.
She pointed out that sea level has been rising at an average of 5 mm annually while land in Bangkok has been subsiding at an average of …..

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Bangkok Sukhumvit Shakedown: Questioning Thai Police Integrity

It was about 9pm on a weeknight in March last year, and Mat, an American business consultant, was trying to hail a taxi on Sukhumvit Soi 36 when he was stopped by six policemen on motorcycles.
Mat was completely sober, drug-free and dressed like a typical foreigner, in a T-shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops.
“You smoke ganja mai?” one of the officers asked, referring to marijuana, while pressing his index finger and thumb to mimic smoking a joint. Without asking permission, the officers removed …..

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Bangkok Shakedown: Tourists Report Increased Harassment By Police

Over recent weeks there has been a sharp increase in reports of police harassment, intimidation and flat-out extortion in the Sukhumvit area, usually between Thong Lor and Asoke. While stories of the Bangkok police engaging in less than exemplary behavior are not new, and no official statistics for ‘on-the-spot fines’ exist, there does seem to be a policy of targeting foreign males in prime tourist areas at the …..

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Medical Situation in Vientiane

Unfortunately, the local hospitals are still a “no-go” for foreigners due their lack of the most basic equipment. Most expats in Vientiane visit either the Alliance International Medical Centre (“Thai Clinic”), the French Embassy Medical Centre (“French Clinic”) or the Medical Clinic at the Australian Embassy (“Australian Clinic”).
Read more about each clinic here: …

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16 Countries Now Warn Their Citizens On Travels To Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand said today that 16 countries have now warned their people to avoid areas where protests are being held on their travels to Thailand.
However it said that these countries have not yet told their citizens not to travel to Thailand but just advise them to stay away from the areas where protests are held as there was possibility that large scale protest could break out.
Meanwhile New Zealand also retained warning to its citizens issued end of September saying the protest in Thailand could spread and turn violent, it advised its citizens to ….

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Lao Airlines Operates Daily Savannakhet-Bangkok-Pakse Flights

National carrier Lao Airlines officially began daily Savannakhet-Bangkok-Pakse flights on August 1, after previously flying the route only three times per week.
The additional flights are to serve tourists and businesspeople in Laos and Thailand, who fly between Savannakhet, Laos, Bangkok, Thailand and Pakse, Laos ……

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