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Laos ‘Disciplines’ Hundreds of Corrupt Officials in Recent Months, Jails Few

The Lao government has disciplined more than 200 officials involved in taking bribes or embezzlement in recent months as part of a bid to crackdown on rampant corruption in the Southeast Asian nation, but few have been held criminally accountable for their actions.

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Numerous Officials Cited For Corruption By Inspection Authority

Numerous officials at the central and local levels have been found to have been involved in corrupt conduct which has resulted in a huge loss of financial resources.
The activities were revealed by the State Inspection Authority (SIA) when reporting on the results of their inspections over the past year. Some officials from the agriculture sector in Saravan province were involved in document forgery, defrauding the state of …..

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Corruption: A cancer That Erodes Development Potential

Some officials in certain sectors in Laos still believe that if corruption issues are allowed to come to light it will have a negative impact not only on the individuals concerned but also on the country as a whole.
However a recent report from the Anti-corruption department posits the opposite, that in fact, when issues surrounding corruption and malpractice are exposed and then addressed, this actually paints the country in a positive light.
The recently disclosed report was quite frightening to read and it was evident that corruption has become widespread, especially amongst …….

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Lao Anti Corruption Law To Meet International Standards

Laos has largely fulfilled its commitment in implementing the United Nations Convention against Corruption as regards incorporating the principles of the convention into its national laws.
The evaluation suggested that Laos has 14 good points in combating corruption, while 15 shortcomings remain in existence and require the attention of authorities.
The good points included the fact that Laos signed and ratified the ….

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Laos Impoves Ranking In Global Corruption Survey

Corruption remains a threat to Laos, and global development, despite the government making progress to tackle the problem, officials noted at an International Anti-Corruption Day event.
According to the annual Corruption Perceptions Index prepared by global anti-corruption body Transparency International, Laos is currently ranked at 140 out of the 177 countries surveyed for the index, which scores countries on how corrupt their public sectors are seen to be. Last year Laos was ranked 160.
“Corruption is one of many negative phenomena having a large effect on ….

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