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Police Must Work Harder To Tackle Thefts And Burglaries In Vientiane

The people of the capital of Laos are, by and large, peaceful and law-abiding but as with all other cities around the world, they too face the problem of crimes such as thefts and burglaries.
Of late, the people of Vientiane have been troubled by several instances of car thefts and break-ins and it should be the mission of police officials to investigate these crimes and punish the wrong-doers under the laws of the country.

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Burglary Number One Crime During Pi Mai Lao

The Vientiane Police Headquarters Office revealed this week that there were 26 cases of crimes committed during the recent long holiday of Pi Mai Lao involving millions of kip.
Before the holiday Police and local security officials had warned the public to be on their guard against opportunist thieves on the streets, vehicle theft and social disorder over Pi Mai Lao and during the period there were ….

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Central Bank To Combat Financial Crimes

The Bank of the Lao PDR is gaining support from the local and foreign communities after receiving legal backup to fight financial crimes in the country.
ANZ Lao, one of the international commercial banks in the country, joined with the Bank of the Lao PDR last Thursday to hold a workshop, aiming to educate Lao bank officials on how to combat financial crimes in the country.
A number of diplomats from the UK and US embassies, as well as representatives from international organisations and banks also ….

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Spate Of Crimes, Expats Among Targets: Vientiane

Last Tuesday during early morning hours our Expat client were woken up by a noise. Checking out the source, the husband surprised an intruder in his home. The criminal managed to escape after fogging the Expat with pepper spray.
The Expat couple lives inside a “secured” compound which includes five houses at Dongpamai Village.
With the police arriving on scene, it became clear that the intruders entered several houses and took valuables like wallets, phones and laptops with them. In the house next-door the burglars enter one of the bedrooms where the female tenant was ……

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Travellers Warned Of Violent Bag Snatching And Muggings In Laos

The UK Foreign Office has warned travellers of a rise in violent bag snatching and muggings in Laos, a country known for its traditional values and sleepy atmosphere
The idea that tourists are increasingly becoming the targets of crime is perturbing but coincides with a growing interest in visiting the landlocked country.
“Petty crime, including bag snatching, occurs frequently and is becoming increasingly violent, especially in tourist areas….

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Economic Pressures Causing Crime To Rise In Vientiane

The number of crimes in Vientiane continues to rise despite police efforts to crack down on the criminals, according to a weekly report from Vientiane Police Headquarters on Wednesday.
From July 17-23, a total of 54 criminal cases were recorded in the capital, six more cases compared to the previous week, with robbery among the major crimes this week.
Some of the more brazen crimes recorded by police included: The robbery of ……

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