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Rate Of New Dengue Fever Patients Increases To 8,000 Per Week: Thailand

The Ministry of Public Health has revealed that the rate of new dengue fever cases has reached 8,000 per week, and that 71 people have already died from the disease this year: coinciding with the severe dengue outbreak situation in Laos.
Lao media are reporting ‘historic’ levels of dengue fever outbreak in the country. Lao officials have disclosed that 4,617 patients, the highest concentration of dengue fever cases, have been found in ……

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Dengue Kills 31 So Far This Year

Dengue fever has already killed 31 people in Laos this year out of some 7,920 people who have been infected with the potentially fatal virus.
The number of infected people occurred between January 1 and now, but Laos has still not reached the peak period for dengue infections, which is in September and October.
There are four serotypes of dengue virus, and Laos and its neighbouring countries are currently facing dengue serotype 3, the main cause of the outbreak through the region.
The risk of developing severe dengue fever, also known as dengue haemorrhagic fever is high. This fever can cause severe bleeding, shock (sudden drop in blood pressure) and death. At any one time, all four strains of the dengue virus can be active, although one is …..

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Ministry Issues Nationwide Dengue Warning

The Ministry of Health has advised people throughout the country to clear out any potential mosquito breeding sites before the onset of the wet season. The warning comes this week after cases of dengue fever surfaced in some of the southern provinces.
Dengue is one of the fastest emerging infections in the world as it is currently the most rapidly spreading viral disease known. In particular, the Asia Pacific bears 75 percent of the current global dengue disease burden and accounts for more than 70 percent of the estimated 2.5 billion people at risk globally…..

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