Electricity Unit Price ‘Not Expensive’: Laos

Members of the public have complained that the unit price of electricity in Laos is high, despite the fact that Laos has developed a number of hydroelectricity dams in recent years.
A deputy minister said the unit price of electricity in Laos is already lower than prices in many other countries in the region.
Laos’ average unit price is currently charged at 600 kip per kilowatt hour (kwh), equivalent to slightly more than seven cents, lower than about 16 cents (1,280 kip) charged in neighbouring Cambodia, and lower the than ….

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EDL’s Installation Of Different Meters Raise Questions

Questions about the installation of different meters were raised by members of the public as they thought that if the meter was spinning faster it meant they were going to be charged more on their monthly bills.
The Vientiane Power Distribution Department’s Electricite du Laos (EDL) explained to media representatives last friday there are actually two types of meter, smaller and larger sizes, with the larger turning more slowly than the smaller one but the speed of rotation had ….

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Laos To Produce 12,500 MW Electricity By 2020

Laos expects to see a big surge in electricity production over the next seven years with a number of hydropower plants currently under construction. Installed capacity of Lao power plants will reach 12,500MW in 2020, up from 3,200MW at present.
The huge increase in power production capacity will be possible when eight hydro plants and one lignite-fired power plant become operational over the next seven years.
Economists say the huge increase in electricity generation will not only play a significant role in securing…..

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