Vientiane Pilots One-Way System On Fa Ngum Road

The Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department is trialing a one-way road scheme in a bid to ease traffic congestion on one of the busiest sections of Fa Ngum Road, which runs alongside the Mekong River in the Sithan-neua area.
The one-way section begins at the T-junction in front of the Mercure hotel on Souphanouvong Road and runs eastwards along Fa Ngum Road to the T-junction at Pakpasak College, over a distance of …..

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Gridlock After One-Way System Introduced

Traffic chaos ensued yesterday morning at the point where Souphanouvong Avenue funnels into Setthathirath Road in central Vientiane, after Fa Ngum Road became a one-way street.
The one-way system was announced at the start of this month, but only came into force yesterday, causing traffic to back up for more than a kilometre along Souphanouvong Avenue during the morning rush hour.
Serious bottlenecks developed at the start of Setthathirath Road, perhaps an inevitable consequence once the ……

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