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Events in December by J&C Marketing

Marketing is the major reason why one product can be sold for 2 extremely different prices even though the cost

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Do Not Post Your Airline Boarding Pass Online

If you ever thought of posting a picture of your boarding pass online, especially in social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, you better think twice.
Technology security expert Brian Krebs, who writes for a renowned cybersecurity news site Krebs on Security, took to his blog last month to warn travellers against posting a picture of their boarding pass online in a bid to …..

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Lao Govt To Regulate Social Media Networks

The government is drawing up regulations to govern online social media in a move to ensure internet users utilise social networking websites in a constructive manner, a senior official has said.
New regulations that would enable officials to check on those posting incorrect or inappropriate information and photos were expected to come into force this year.
Those found posting incorrect or inappropriate information or pictures would be warned and, if the case lead to serious consequences or was regarded as sensitive, the offenders would be …..

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