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New Drug Treatment Centre In Laos

The Thai government yesterday provided grant assistance worth some 50 million baht (almost 12 billion kip) to fund the construction of a drug treatment and rehabilitation centre at Phonhong district hospital in Vientiane province.
The Thai funding will also be used to improve the outpatient building at the hospital and buy medical equipment to treat road accident victims.
The project to build a drug treatment and rehabilitation centre is part of the Lao government’s plan for the development of the health sector, as it needs to provide health services for the victims of ….

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Three Foreign Visitors Pronounced Dead In Vientiane Last Week

Three foreign visitors were found dead in Vientiane last week and security officials are currently working to ascertain the cause of their deaths.
Those who died included one man from America and another two British nationals, also male. The two British nationals were reported deceased at a hotel on November 11 while the American was found dead on November 14.
Scientific crime officials then collected evidence from the scene including a small plastic bag of white powder, a hypodermic syringe as well as some …..

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Laos Struggles To Address Drug Problems

Amphetamine drug use and trafficking is widespread in Laos, with many cases involving authorities such as the police.
Acting Minister of Public Security Brigadier General Somkeo Silavong responded to questions raised by the National Assembly (NA) members.
Mr Somkeo said it was hard to address the drug problems in Laos as many drug dealers hired authorities to facilitate their business. They did not only hire police but also …

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Police Pinpoint Drugs As A Major Social Problem

The heads of provincial police from across the country pinpointed Laos’ drug abuse epidemic as a major social problem at their annual meeting yesterday, coming together in an attempt to address the issue.
“Drugs have become a serious problem in our country adding to the crimes occurring in Laos, so we should find a way to fight against this issue in the near future. This meeting will firstly focus on this social problem in Laos,” Department Director General, Brigadier General Police Sisavath Keomalavong said.
According to the department’s records, there were 1,319 reported drug-related offences committed nationwide in 2013 and police arrested 1,971 people including …..

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