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Protecting Your Children, Wherever You Call Home

At William Russell we understand what your child’s health means to you.
That’s why if they’re not covered under an international medical plan, we can help provide access to the best possible healthcare around the world, should the need ever arise.
Our Child-Only cover starts from just $70.43 per month*.
Benefits include:
– Private room
– …….

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Majority Of Expatriates Risk Life Overseas With No Protection Cover

A recent William Russell customer survey has shown that the majority of expats are taking the risk of not having any life or income protection insurance in place, and in some cases, they even don’t have a health insurance.
The survey was completed by over 650 expatriate policyholders from all parts of the world. Only 32.9% of those questioned had life and/or income protection insurance. On the other hand, when life and income protection insurance clients were questioned about their health insurance arrangements, just under 70% said they had health insurance in place.
The results of the survey suggest that expatriates are far more likely to insure their health than make financial provision for either their untimely death, or the risk of them being unable to work due to an illness or injury.

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