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Chinese Embassy In Laos Cracks Down Soaring Intl Air Ticket Prices

Rising international ticket prices have triggered a new round of crackdowns, with yet another embassy taking measures to curb skyrocketing airfares while also strengthening the supervision of ticket sales channels.

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Land, Air Travel Suspended To Comply With Covid Restrictions

Passengers on public transport, whether wanting to travel by road or air from or to Vientiane, will have to wait another 11 days after city authorities announced a lockdown on Sunday.

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New Flights To Boost Links Between Laos and China

Laos and China on Monday officially set in motion a new air route between the two countries, aimed not only at boosting tourism but also other areas of cooperation.
The new flight will carry tourists and other travellers between Vientiane and Luang Prabang province in Laos and Hainan province in China.

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Cambodia-Laos Air​ Links Increased

Cambodia and Laos on Monday signed a deal to encourage regional airlines to increase their services between both countries in a bid to encourage tourism.
Vann Chanty, director for air transport at Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, said that the memorandum of understanding (MoU) will push airlines in both countries to operate more flights between Cambodia and Laos due to …

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India & Laos Agree Direct Flights

The governments of India and Laos have signed a new agreement that paves the way for direct flights between the two countries.
The Hindu reports that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) penned on Friday will enable airlines of both countries to operate direct flights, and Anil Wadhwa of India’s Ministry of External Affairs, was reported saying that airlines would now explore the possibility of new routes.
“I think there was more ….

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No Services To Attapeu Airport

Passengers hoping to fly to or out of Attapeu’s brand new international airport are in for a long wait as there are no firm plans to offer domestic flights.
Vientiane Times quoted Lao Airlines’ senior official, Phuttasone Vannasack, saying the airline had conducted a year-long survey of people who might want to fly between Vientiane and Attapeu, but very few responded positively so no flights are currently planned.
No surprises in the airline’s assessment, although critics may point out that the airline has ….

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ICAO Gives Laos A High Score

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) team awarded Laos a high score of 73% following a procedures audit last month.
Vientiane Times reported the ICVM team conducted the audit on the country’s civil aviation department, 21 to 27 April, resulting in the DCA revealing details last week to its staff.
DCA general director, Yakua Lorpangkao, was quoted as saying that it was an “historic milestone” to achieve such a high score from the …….

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First Lao Woman Receives Commercial Pilot’s Diploma

The achievement of the graduation of Lao female pilot, Ms Soudaphone Visounnarath, aged 23, from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) in Toulouse, France on April 16 makes her the first national female commercial pilot in the country.
The graduation is part of Lao Airlines State Enterprise stepping up its international standards and advancing human resource development particularly for pilots who need to be highly competent and experienced to comply with the demands of the airline.
Ms Soudaphone is from the ……

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Laos & Japan Sign Air Service Agreement

The governments of Lao PDR and Japan signed an Air Service Agreement in Vientiane Capital on 16 January.
“This singing is a landmark for civil aviation cooperation between the Lao PDR and Japan,” said Director General of the Civil Aviation Department, Mr Yakua Lopangkao.
“It’s a fundamental event for civil aviation cooperation, particularly the opening of direct fights between the two countries in order to facilitate the …..

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Pilot Error ‘Probable Cause’ For Lao Crash

Pilot error was the likely cause of a plane crash during a tropical storm in Laos that killed 49 people, including six Australians.
The official report on the crash of Lao Airlines flight QV301, released on Friday, was presented to the family and friends of the victims in the capital, Vientiane.
The English-language version of the document says the probable cause of the crash included “the sudden change of weather condition and the flight crew’s failure to properly execute the published instrument approach”.
The plane was going in to land at …

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Rocket Festival Stirs Flight Safety Fears

Lao Airlines sought permission from Aerothai to change its flight paths in Thailand during the Buddhist Lent festival due to safety concerns
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai) wants stricter measures put in place to limit the height of traditional bang fai, or Isan rockets, to make it safer for aircraft.
The agency is increasingly concerned with threats to aircraft safety posed by illegally modified rockets, which can reach as high as ….

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Laos Recovers Crashed Plane Black Boxes

Search teams on Thursday recovered the flight data recorders of a Lao Airlines plane that plunged into the Mekong River in bad weather killing all 49 people on board, officials said.
The black boxes, which include both voice and data recordings, were found early Thursday as part of efforts to recover parts of the stricken craft from the river’s fast-flowing waters, according to Yakua Lopankao, director general of Laos’ Department of Civil Aviation.
“It has not yet been decided where to send them to be examined, it is up to the air accident investigation committee,” he said of the operation, which has been assisted by experts from …..

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Black Box Recorders Still Missing: QV301

Lao authorities have clarified foreign media reports which stated that the black box recorders had been recovered from the Lao Airlines plane that crashed in Champassak province last week.
Recovery teams from Laos and France had detected a signal from the black box recorders but had not yet been able to locate them. “We can detect a signal but we cannot pinpoint the location of the black boxes,” an official said, adding that the signal was quite strong and indicated the direction of the source of transmission. “But this doesn’t mean we have retrieved …..

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Laos Crash Plane Partially Salvaged

A part of the Lao Airlines plane that crashed into the Mekong River last week was retrieved on Tuesday, but the black box from the ill-fated aircraft has still not been found.
Lao divers and rescue workers hauled the 10-metre part of the stricken ATR 72-600 from the bottom of the river at 3.30pm and painted the airline logo and plane number in black.
The plane, which was found about 400 metres from the crash site, was transported by ….

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Recovery Effort Underway After Lao Airlines Plane Crash

Lao authorities and Lao Airlines officials are putting every effort into the recovery operation after flight QV301 went down in Champassak province on Wednesday afternoon, retrieving the bodies of the victims and the wreckage of the plane from the Mekong River.
Flight QV301 departed Vientiane for Pakxe at 2:45pm on Wednesday and crashed just over an hour later while approaching Pakxe airport for landing, after running into bad weather in the wake of Tropical Storm Nari.
All 49 passengers and crew on board are believed to have died after the plane plunged into the Mekong River near Phaling village in Phonthong district, in what is thought to have been a high impact crash…..

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Lao Airlines Plane Crashes In Pakse

A Lao Airlines plane from Vientiane crashed just before landing at Pakse airport on Wednesday, killing all 49 people onboard.
The ART twin-turbo plane flight QV301 crashed into the Mekong River as it was coming in to land at the airport in Champassak province in southern Laos due to bad weather. The plane left Wattay airport in Vientiane at 2.45pm and crashed at 4pm, officials said.
According to The Nation, a well-informed source said the aviation control tower at Pakse Airport recommended the pilots not land at the airport because of ….

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Lao Airlines Adds New Routes

Lao Airlines plans to increase flights on some of its domestic and international sectors and add more planes to its fleet, aiming to upgrade its level of service.
The airline plans to increase flights between Vientiane and Oudomxay, Bokeo and Luang Namtha provinces from the current three or four times a week to daily flights beginning in October.
The airline also plans to add an extra flight on its Luang Prabang-Bangkok sector, and will increase flights on the Luang Prabang-Hanoi sector from one to two flights a day.
New for the airline will be flights between Vientiane and Phnom Penh, and between ……

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Lao Airlines Operates Daily Savannakhet-Bangkok-Pakse Flights

National carrier Lao Airlines officially began daily Savannakhet-Bangkok-Pakse flights on August 1, after previously flying the route only three times per week.
The additional flights are to serve tourists and businesspeople in Laos and Thailand, who fly between Savannakhet, Laos, Bangkok, Thailand and Pakse, Laos ……

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