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Minimum Wage Cheats To Be Punished

Employers who continue to defy the government’s policy on minimum wages will be dealt with under the law, according to the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare. “Employers who have not followed the Law on Labour and other regulations formulated by the government must be subject to the law for their violations,” an official said.
The government’s decision to raise the monthly minimum wage from 348,000 kip to 626,000 kip came into force on January 1, 2012, but many businesses have ignored the change.
The minister said some businesses sought to cheat the system by …..

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Minimum Wage Increase Remains Unpaid, Despite New Ruling

Many businesses, notably garment factories, are failing to comply with an increase in the minimum wage paid to workers, which came into effect on January 1.
The government announced that the monthly minimum wage would increase from 348,000 kip to 626,000 kip plus any supporting allowances previously received, such as for lunch, good performance and social welfare benefits.

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