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Tour Companies Tout Laos As Adventure Lovers’ Paradise

Local tour companies are continuing efforts to promote Laos as an adventure tourism destination with a recent exhibition held at the Vientiane Center shopping mall.

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“Five Countries, One Destination”: Five Nations Jointly Market Their Tourism Industry

Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to jointly market themselves as “Five Countries, One Destination” in a move to bring more tourists to the region and integrate their tourism industries.
The move will contribute to reinforcing the tourism campaign in Laos, allowing international tourists to know more about Laos and its incredible tourism sites through the united marketing campaign by ….

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Mythbusting – ‘foreigner areas’ more secure?

Some people believe that by living in an area of Vientiane with a high volume of foreigners, or in a compound style property, their home and belongings will be more secure. Whilst at first it may feel comfortable to live amongst one’s own, this does not necessarily guarantee security. In fact, quite the opposite is often true. If the majority of houses in an area are rented by foreigners, this means

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