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Officials Express Concern About Illegal Marriages

People of 47 different nationalities are married to Lao citizens, with most foreign partners coming from the three nations of Thailand, the Republic of Korea and China, according to figures from the Protection Police and Lao-Anti Trafficking Department.
Some 1,600 marriages involving Lao citizens and foreigners were recorded from 2012-2015. In 75 cases, foreign women …..

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Marriage To Foreigners Should Follow Procedures

Officials have warned those who plan to marry foreigners to follow legal marriage procedures, especially women who choose to leave Laos and reside in their fiancé’s country.
The warning came after reports emerged that many Lao women who got engaged to foreigners have left Laos and gone to live in their intended’s country without undergoing the correct procedure – several of whom have been reported as suffering from unexpected ill treatment from unfaithful partners.
Some of the women from this group are believed to have fallen victim to human trafficking as they were reported as having lost contact with their families at home since their …..

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