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iOS 7: Update Errors And Torturous Download Times ? Here’s Our Tip !

Apple has released its latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Of course you don’t need to upgrade to iOS 7 immediately. You can bide your time, ignore the hype and just skip the longish wait times you’re are likely to encounter downloading the update during these days. And yes, iOS 6 works fine and should continue to indefinitely. There’s nothing so pressing or fantastic about Apple’s mobile-OS makeover that your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch can’t live without it.
But … it’s a brand new version of iOS! While I personally don’t share your Christmas-in-September enthusiasm (I love my Samsung Galaxy), I can tell you don’t want to wait 🙂
Unfortunately many Apple users in Laos are facing update errors and torturous download times, no wonder, the size of the download is roughly a gigabyte. There is a better, faster and much cheaper way to get your iOS 7: …….

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ME SHOP specialises in trendy electronics, so it doesn’t sell TVs or toasters, but rather iphones, ipads, Playstations, Xboxes and more. It’s set up so that people can walk in and just hang out if they want to, and during my visit many were. Some customres played Playstation whilst others listened to ipods at special listening stations. There is a counter at the front staffed by the shop assistants who give free advice or accept broken devices for repair. ME Shop is even licensed to repair Apple products.

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