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Restaurant Xang Ngun: Vientiane’s New Silver Platter

“There is something very unique about this restaurant,” I told myself the first time I walked into Xang Ngun. The grey-coloured tapestry covered in black flowers. The black metallic wall covered with mirrors. The mirror-covered ceiling. The modern-looking black chairs sitting under beautiful black and white ceramic tables. And a stand-out-flashy red bar lies in back, protected by two silver elephants, or in Lao, two Xang Ngun. It is all quite baroque really.
After having tried different plates and hors d’oeuvres, I can truly say the food is just as unique as the restaurant’s design. Although the food is based on Thai and Lao cuisine, Arnaud Poire, the head-chef and partial-owner, has found a way to add his own special touch ….

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