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“Five Countries, One Destination”: Five Nations Jointly Market Their Tourism Industry

Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to jointly market themselves as “Five Countries, One Destination” in a move to bring more tourists to the region and integrate their tourism industries.
The move will contribute to reinforcing the tourism campaign in Laos, allowing international tourists to know more about Laos and its incredible tourism sites through the united marketing campaign by ….

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Move Over Thailand, the Philippines is Southeast Asia’s Strong Man

With a greater focus on manufacturing, a young population and a president committed to stable growth, the Philippines is pulling ahead
The Philippines is no longer the `sick man of Asia’, Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan declared yesterday after the economy grew a better-than-estimated 6.9 percent last quarter from a year earlier. That capped three successive years of above-6-percent growth, placing it well ahead of Thailand, once a growth engine of ….

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Fresh Ideas Needed In Ties With Laos

Relations between Thailand and Laos in the 21st century have already moved toward a new era, which requires not only trust and cooperation, but also a new vision to make the links mutually beneficial to people of both countries.
However, there has been no new policy initiative in relation to Laos since 2006, as many governments over the years since then have been busy with domestic conflicts.This government under Yingluck is no exception. Although the current government is relatively free from domestic political tension, it offers no policy initiative for ties with Laos. The joint statement signed by foreign ministers of the two countries reflected no new vision for future relations.
One part of the statement is even locked into ….

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Border Crossing by Car

Before departing for the border, make sure you have a ‘car passport’. This is a yellow or pink book available at the Ministry of Roads and Transport, located on Setthathirath Street between the French Embassy and the Honda Dealership.

The border crossing is usually fairly free of cars early in the morning and late in the evening. When you arrive at the border, park your car in the middle area where the other cars are parked. It is necessary to exit from your vehicle and take your documents to the relevant booth.

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Nong Khai’s Aquarium – A Closeup Look At The Mekong River Fish

If you’re looking for an interesting and educational experience not far from Vientiane, the little known Nong Khai Aquarium might be right up your alley.
Just over the border on the road leading to Udon Thani is the biggest aquarium in Northeastearn Thailand at Khon Kaen University’s Campus in Nong Khai.
The idea is to conserve freshwater fish in the Mekong River as well as to stimulate tourism in the province.

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