The Basics of Home Security in Laos


Spike In Break-Ins: Homes and Business Being Targeted

The number of thieves breaking and entering into houses and local businesses spiked during the month of April when many people were away for New Year holidays, according to a Vientiane Police Office report.
Deputy Chief of the Interrogative and Investigative Section of the office, Major Am-ay Luangpakdy said there were around 10 cases of breaking and entering reported, with thieves especially targeting houses and businesses with safes stored inside.
“They work in groups and usually have a well-thought out …..

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The Basics of Home Security D-I-Y (part I)

With rapid economic development in the region, even Lao PDR is not exempt from a rise in petty theft and robberies. Often it seems that thieves are a step ahead of the law and of protection technology. Expatriates and Lao citizens are equal targets of crime, but expatriates often lack a local network and permanent presence within their homes. In this and future articles we will explore what the average household in Vientiane can do to improve their security.
The following is a summary of advice from the findings of …..

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