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Cruising The Mighty Mekong In Style

Here I am, lounging in the shade, avoiding the hot, mid-morning sun along the Mekong as we slowly wind our way downriver to Luang Prabang. All is quiet and peaceful except for the sound of the boat’s motor slicing through the water, glistening as it rushes past us.
Steep hilltops sitting lush and green from the rains, close in on us as the river bends and narrows, giving us a close-up glimpse of their sheer magnitude. The views are absolutely ….

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Top 10 Coffee Spots In Luang Prabang

Coffee has been a staple of Laos ever since it was introduced by French colonialists in the early twentieth century. Coffee is currently the largest agricultural export commodity, and the Bolaven Plateau is one of the most fertile regions to grow coffee. In Lao, coffee is pronounced “khaafeh” (similar to how you would say café). If you want real Lao coffee, you must order “khaafeh Lao”.
At first I was considering using a rating system in order to categorize different coffee spots in Laos, but I felt that it did not give enough justice to some of the more local places I visited. This list is thus ….

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Night Bus Adventure In Laos

Vientiane, Laos. I descend from my tuk-tuk at the dusty north bus station, needing to get to Luang Prabang. Bad news. The sleeping bus is full, which means I’m in for ten hours of the VIP bus, which in retrospect can be none other than an acronym for Voluntary Imposition of Pain. At least for me it is, as I have a difficult time sleeping on any bus. The ‘sleeping bus,’ however, does sport a large enough berth for you to lay flat and get some rest. VIP not the case, at least for a tall creature like myself. And surprisingly the sleeping bus is only …..

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Visiting Kamu Lodge, A Luxury Adventure For Modern Explorers In Laos

As we were planning our tour through Laos with our children, we took on the quest to arrange each single night in a truly special place. Sure you may agree, in the end of the day, the place you sleep in is just as important as the experiences and adventures that a modern family of explorers encounters during the days in Laos.
Now, after our travels in Laos we can say we were truly rewarded with quite outstanding, enchanting and inspirational places along the way. Our stay at Kamu Lodge truly was a highlight in Laos, simply because it came as such a bewildering positive surprise…!!
I’m an experienced camper and boy scout, needless to say I like the idea of staying ……

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Travel Laos With Kids; Travel Tips From The Lao Travel Specialists

Visiting Asia with children is getting more and more popular and for good reasons, as the Asian, and of course also the Lao mentality, is very child friendly. If traveling with children in Asia, you will experience numerous times that local staff will help out watching your kids or giving them attention while you try to get some food or have troubles getting around. Indeed the Asian and Lao culture seems to be very child-friendly when it comes to traveling.
Also traveling Laos with kids may build a great number of intercultural bridges, as your kids will eventually get into verbal or non-verbal communication and playing with other children, which again, for the parents will open doors to experience the local Lao life and culture, unspoiled and very direct…
We want to clearly encourage families to travel in Laos, since we have ….

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