Overseas Visitors Making Only Short Trips

Laos has been unable to convince foreign visitors to spend more money here and provide a boost to the economy, despite a significant increase in the number of overseas visitors in recent years.
Statistics show that a foreign tourist visiting Laos spends 8.4 days here on average – less time than in other countries in the region, even though Laos boasts a wide range of cultural, historical and natural attractions.
This means they spend less. In 2013 Laos earned almost …..

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Lao Capital Welcomes 1.4 Million Tourists In 2013

Over 1.4 million tourists visited Lao capital Vientiane in 2013 said the Vientiane Department of Information, Culture and Tourism.
For Lao PDR and its population of approximately 7 million people the influx of foreign tourists means big business. Earlier this year Laos was awarded the World’s Best Tourist Destination for 2013 by the European Union Council on Tourism and Trade at a ceremony here in the capital.
Tourism is Laos’ fastest growing industry and second largest to …

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Is Laos Tourism Doing Sufficient Efforts To Correct Its Weak Image?

Despite having received over three million international travellers in 2012, Laos seems to suffer of an image deficit according to travel professionals working with the destination. Is it a time to rethink Laos strategy.
“Simply Beautiful- I love that slogan because this sounds so true. But unfortunately, it now lacks a strong campaign behind to promote Laos differently from other countries”. A rather strong opinion which comes from one of Laos’ most successful local businessmen in tourism, Inthi Deuansavan, Head of Green Discovery Tour Operator and Inthira Hotels.
Laos remains probably Southeast Asia’s best kept secret destination. “This is a wonderful place for someone who …..

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