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Vientiane Cracks Down On Illegal Parking

The Public Works and Transport Department, traffic police and the Vientiane Urban Development Administration Authority are cracking down on illegal parking in order to address traffic congestion in Vientiane.
The new initiative outlawing double-parking began on June 2 and is also focusing on eliminating unofficial parking concessions in this area.
In particular, authorities announced they are targeting the section of Nongbone Road from the bus station to the traffic lights at …..

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Express Bus Services Planned For Vientiane

Vientiane State Bus Enterprise has plans for express nonstop services along three main routes within the city.
The planned services will not stop to pick up people en route, meaning that passengers will ride from their departure point all the way without stopping until the bus arrives at its final destination.
The three routes are between the main bus station and Dongdok, the bus station and the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge and from the …..

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Traffic Chaos In Vientiane After Morning Deluge

Torrential rain in Vientiane yesterday morning caused traffic chaos on the second day of the new school year as flooded streets and sidewalks caused further delays on the already congested streets.
The storm was fairly localised but the rain was so heavy that many of the city’s roads and houses were soon flooded, making the many potholes even more difficult to navigate than usual.
Many streets in Vientiane were soon blocked with traffic as …

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Reckless Driving Responsible For Road Fatalities

Almost 90 people die in road accidents each month in Laos and the figure is rising at an alarming rate so amidst increasing public concern the government needs to enhance its efforts to deal with the issue.
In only seven months of this year, a total of 3,390 road accidents were reported in Laos with 599 deaths and 5,657 injured, according to police report this week.
The largest number of fatalities was reported in Vientiane with …..

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City Enforces Stricter Regulations On Heavy Trucks

Ten to 22 wheeled trucks are not allowed to be driven in Vientiane if their drivers cannot provide documents indicating their destination to the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department.
If truck drivers are not carrying the right documents to indicate where they are delivering construction materials or if they are not carrying a permit, they will be fined if Vientiane police find them travelling on the capital’s 13 main roads.
The main roads include: Souphanouvong, Setthathirath, Chao Fangum, ……

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Vientiane Canal To Expand Car Parking

The Pakpasak canal between Vat Chan Village and Sihom Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane will be developed and covered with a car park in an effort to solve the downtown parking crisis.
Parking over the canal will be able to accommodate 200 cars by 2015.
This is the second such venture by Ms Thipphaphone, whose company is also constructing the seven floor car parking facility near ….

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Surging Vehicle Numbers Intensify Congestion In The Capital

The number of vehicles in Vientiane continues to rise, intensifying congestion on roads in the capital despite the expansion of the road network in the capital.
In 2013, the number of registered vehicles reached 66,500, an increase of more than 5,300 vehicles compared to the year 2012.
Government officials attributed the rising number of vehicles to several factors, including the country’s …..

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Traffic System In Vientiane To Be Improved

The traffic system in Vientiane will be improved in a bid to reduce the worsening traffic congestion in the city.
The project includes the installation of traffic signs and water tanks, the proper management of traffic directions and improvement of traffic lights according to the increasing number of current vehicles.
The roads in Vientiane that will be improved are Lane Xang Avenue, Kaysone Phomvihane Road (Peace Gong of Victory Gate – Dong Dok), Phontong Road, (Victory Gate-Dong Dok), 23 August Road, Nong Bone, ASEAN Road, …….

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