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More People Die On Vientiane’s Roads

Four people were killed and six others sustained critical injuries in road accidents in the capital over the two-day period from September 9-10.
According to the Vientiane Traffic Police Department, a pick-up truck carrying 17 students overturned on Thursday morning in Donnoun village, Xaythany district, killing two passengers and seriously injuring six others. Other passengers were also injured in the accident. Police said the driver …..

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Rescue Team Reports Increasing Road Accidents In Capital

Road accidents continue to kill and maim people across the country and Vientiane rescue teams are on standby 2 4 hours to help crash victims.
According to the rescue team of the Foundation for Assisting Poor People of the Lao PDR (Vientiane Rescue) the number of road accidents was continuing to increase with the team being called out more frequently attending up to 40 to 50 accidents each day. This compared with only five to 10 calls a day last year.
The rescue team reported over the six months period from January to June this year they attended 735 road accidents in Vientiane, during …..

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Lao Rescue Teams Awarded 8 International Medals

Eight members of Lao rescue teams received one gold, one silver and six bronze medals from the International Disaster Medical Rally recently in Chiang Rai province, Thailand.
The rally from June 22-25 had rescue teams from 10 Asean countries competing to exercise their skills and experience in dealing with a number of mock emergency cases such as a building collapse, chemical leakage and water rescue.
Laos was represented by all three rescue teams currently serving the public in the capital, namely those from the Lao Red Cross, the Foundation for Assisting Poor People of Lao PDR (Vientiane Rescue) and …..

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Vientiane Rescue Team Recovers Bodies Of Six Missing Children

The bodies of six of the 10 schoolchildren who were feared drowned after a makeshift ferry capsized in the Nam Ngum on Tuesday have been recovered by rescue teams from Laos and Thailand.
The children, aged 10-12, were pupils at local primary schools. Rescue teams have been scouring the river in search of the missing youngsters after the boat capsized in Pakngum district, Vientiane.
The teams resumed their search yesterday morning but were hampered by strong currents. They eventually found the body of ….

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Vientiane Rescue (call 1623) Seeks Donation of First Aid Material

We are heading into Pi Mai and already Vientiane Rescue are overwhelmed with the numbers of calls. Emergency calls increased by 200% in 5 months and almost 500 victims were registered last month … and Pi Mai hasn’t even yet started !
Sébastien Perret from Vientiane Rescue told us today that the organisation is in desperate need of First Aid Material, mainly gauze pads and medical gloves.
In fact, Vientiane Rescue can barely afford to operate at all. The volunteers rely entirely on private donations to keep the emergency service ….

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Vientiane Rescue (call 1623) Opens Additional Centre In Hadxaifong

Vientiane Rescue with its official name being the Foundation for Assisting Poor People of Laos is setting up the rescue hotline centre ‘1623′ in Nonghay village, Hadxaifong district, to provide urgent assistance to road accident victims over Lao New Year.
This is the second rescue centre to be established by the Foundation, with the first located in Thatluang village, Xaysettha district.
“I think the number of accidents will increase over Lao New Year on April 14, 15 and 16, especially as some drivers flout the traffic regulations by drinking and …..

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Saviours of the Street – Vientiane Rescue

When French paramedic Sebastian Perret witnessed a fatal accident in the Laos capital, Vientiane, in 2010, he was shocked that no ambulance came to help.
Every day, four people die in road crashes across Laos, giving the country one of the region’s worst road fatalities per capita in the region. Many more are injured but most cannot afford to pay a government ambulance to help them.
Unable to ignore the plight of the city’s road crash victims, Perret set up Vientiane Rescue, a volunteer ……

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Raise Money To Help Volunteers Saving Lives In Vientiane: Vientiane Rescue

Anne Barker, ABC correspondent, has documented the amazing story of Vientiane Rescue, a team of locals and expats in Vientiane volonteering their time and effort to save countless lives in this beautiful, but poor country.
Apart from the Vientiane Rescue Team, no medical assistance is available in Laos and police who are often the first to reach the accident scene are not trained in first aid.
The volunteers rely entirely on private donations to keep the emergency service running.
We want to help raise money to help this group purchase the Equipment needed to improve their skills and ability to help others. Read more here how you can help save lives.

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