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J&C Services Moves To Better Service The Needs Of Expatriates In Laos

Since its foundation in 2008, the expatriate community in Lao PDR has increasingly depended on J&C Services for its suite of award-winning services that are designed to help make their transition to Vientiane enjoyable.
With their recent move to their new office at Villa LuBeDu, Saphanthong Tai Village in the Vientiane International School vicinity, the J&C team is ready to better service the needs of new and existing expatriates in Laos.
“We are proud of the services we offer expatriates in …..

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Small Companies Left Counting The Cost Of Workplace Absence

Four in ten heads of small companies continue to work from their sick beds, as their business would collapse if they were to take time off.
It seems that employees may also be compounding the problem, as 46% of small and medium-sized enterprise bosses say that high levels of employee absence are estimated to contribute up to a 10% drop in turnover in small businesses.
Yet staggeringly, despite these pressures, 38% of bosses admit that they spend more on office stationery than on initiatives that support employee health and wellbeing, such as flu jabs, cycle to work schemes and subsidised gym membership.
These findings reiterate the impact that ill health can have upon a business…..

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Majority Of Expatriates Risk Life Overseas With No Protection Cover

A recent William Russell customer survey has shown that the majority of expats are taking the risk of not having any life or income protection insurance in place, and in some cases, they even don’t have a health insurance.
The survey was completed by over 650 expatriate policyholders from all parts of the world. Only 32.9% of those questioned had life and/or income protection insurance. On the other hand, when life and income protection insurance clients were questioned about their health insurance arrangements, just under 70% said they had health insurance in place.
The results of the survey suggest that expatriates are far more likely to insure their health than make financial provision for either their untimely death, or the risk of them being unable to work due to an illness or injury.

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