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“Talking Tom Cat” Gets Show Of Its Own

“Talking Tom Cat”, a new talk show to be hosted by well-known singer Phailath Thammavongsa, also known as as “Bob Freeman,” or Bob, will be held at the Lao-Japanese Budo Centre in Vientiane Capital from 21-22 February.

The show will be co-produced by Managing Director of Miracle Lao, Mr Chirasa k Saysanith, and Mr Bob, a singer of KPY Entertainment, a press conference was told last Thursday.

Mr Bob said that his posting a video clip showing a Talking Tom Cat, by using a popular android and iphone app, was inspired when a Thai customer looking for a pair of shorts at his shop asked him a question using a mix of Lao and Thai language that was humorous.

Talking Tom CatMr Bob then used the Talking Tom Cat app, which is available on the internet, to make comical recordings and posted it on Facebook, and then Youtube. The post soon attracted a large number of followers.

“I mostly talk about everyday things under the Talking Tom Cat, like violation of traffic rules by road users, for instance, or alms giving, etc,”said Mr Bob. “The clips seem to give viewers a laugh, though” he added.

Mr Bob will talk about the more than fifty clips that he has posted on the internet, his primary school life, his friends and his customers.

All the VIP tickets for the talk show have already sold out and only 80,000-kip, 70,000-kip and 50,000-kip (student) tickets are available. The show will start from 19:00 hrs.

Source: KPL