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Taskforce Sets Conditions For Entry And Exit From Vientiane

Source: Vientiane Times

The Vientiane Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has specified the conditions under which local residents, government officials and members of organisations may enter or exit the capital from now until June 19.

Ambulances, fire engines, special vehicles, and trucks used by projects and to transport goods do not need a permit.

Diplomats and experts working for international organisations must obtain a letter from their embassy or employer explaining the reason for travel, which must be approved by the taskforce.

Government officials, police, and employees of private companies must obtain a letter from their employer authorising travel, monks must obtain a letter from their temple or village, local residents should seek written permission from village authorities.

Foreigners must have a valid Lao entry visa and submit a copy of their passport, a quarantine certificate, a Covid test certificate, and a certificate indicating they have had two doses of a Covid vaccine.

People living in villages classified as at-risk or red zones, as well as those who have had contact with an infected individual, are not allowed to leave or enter the capital.

Villages are classified as a red zone if they have identified one case of Covid with an unknown source, or if two or more cases have been reported in the past 14 days.

Letters requesting permission to travel must include the individual’s full name, age, occupation, address and place of work, purpose of travel (such as for work, to visit a hospital, return to hometown), their intended travel route, and vehicle details including model, colour and registration number.

A copy of an ID card or family book, certificate of address or work appointment, and a certificate indicating that two doses of a Covid vaccine have been given, as well as a copy of the vehicle registration document, must also be submitted.

Applications for travel permits may be submitted on Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm and can be sent to the Department of Health via the following WhatsApp numbers – 020: 9591 7490, 9285 3909, 2322 2592, 9514 4492.

The following phone numbers can also be called, preceded by 020: 9261 8918, 9657 3058, 5889 4533, 9857 6462, 2928 8977, 9535 3453, 2980 4250.