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Telephone Number Registry Checks Planned

Source: Vientiane Times

A planned review of all mobile telephone numbers registered for use via the nation’s mobile SIM cards is to be led by the Ministry of Post and Communications aiming to ensure records are up to date.

The issue was discussed and ideas shared at a meeting on a draft decree on the telephone number registry held at the Institute of Post and Communications in Vientiane on Thursday.

The event was attended by Director General of Lao Telecommunications Regulatory Authority under the Ministry of Post and Communications, Mr Vanpheng Sayakone, along with government representatives and private sector telecommunications providers. Users would be able to continue with their current phone numbers after providing up to date details under the systematic review, Mr Vanpheng confirmed.

“We expect to implement the inspection of all phone numbers at the beginning of next year after the decree draft is complete.”

” All people who use mobile telephone SIM cards have to re-check for the register to and state their details. The telecom operators will re-check all phone numbers to ascertain who has already correctly registered and who continues to utilise them,” Mr Vanpheng said.

He said the phone number registration project would utilise a modern technical programme in implementation.

The draft decree is expected to state that all people who use phone numbers registered in Laos must register correctly and indicate a user name, contact address and other relevant details.

It will set principles, registration methods, inspection, data protection, data reports, rights and obligation of service providers and users as well as set punishments and measures for violators.

Telephone numbers not correctly registered or lapsed will be removed from service as part of the inspection.

The effort aims to improve ease and management of telephone numbers and provide improved security and management to the telecommunications system nationwide.

Telecom operators in Laos include the Lao Telecommunication Company Limited (LTC), Star Telecom (Unitel), VimpelCom Lao Company Limited (Beeline), Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao (ETL), and Sky Telecom State Company.